One Inch

The scale is still the devil. I’m tapping the scale, standing to the edge, changing the batteries and the numbers are different every time. So that’s why I say. Get behind me Satan!!!

This summer has been the summer of Brooke. I love me! It took me a long time to realize that it is okay to love me and others. In June I realized that I need to come first now.

I am so proud of myself for drinking more water. Something so simple but it’s a start for me. I’ve saved money and calories this summer. I haven’t missed my XL hot coffee with cream, sugar, caramel and whip cream from Dunkin Donuts. That was my drink of choice every day before work.

If I’ve gone all summer without coffee. I need to continue that when I return to work. Thank God for the heatwave because it’s been too hot to cook. Eat a salad or some fruit and keep it moving.

A friend was selling her bike for $25. I bought it and another friend gave me a helmet. I’m thankful for my friend Ginny and her husband that checked the bike out for me. And this week Ginny and I are taking the bike to the bike shop to get the brakes fixed. I haven’t been on bike since 1998. So you know I will have a blog for you.

I’m writing all of this to tell you that I think I lost an inch. I don’t know from where. But I know I lost an inch. So, I’m working at my own pace. Trying to figure out what motivates me to get moving.

I have heat induced asthma. I thought the doctor was making it up. So I’m mindful when walking outside. At least I’m moving.

I’ve read seven books since June. My goal for the summer was five. My new goal is to participate in my first 5k in December. One inch was all I needed to motivate me. And the fact that it’s too damn hot to put on a spanx and a sundress.


Brooke 💪🏾

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