I’m Every Woman

It doesn’t matter which version of the song you listen to, Chaka Khan or Whitney Houston. I’m Every Woman was a theme song for women back in the day. It was an anthem, a promise and a statement of the powerful role of women.

I’ve been asked where do I see myself in five years? Also, what type of person do I want to become in six months. Honestly, I’ve never thought about my future. I was too busy trying to get through the day or even the next hour.

Now my focus has shifted. Harrison and Sydney are still my first priority. They have noticed how happy I am this summer. I had to find my own happiness. I had to enjoy being alone and not in a relationship. I had to put my mental and physical health at the top of my list.

Not once have I felt guilty for not attending a function or responding no for an RSVP. Not once have I felt guilty about taking an hour to read. Or working for hours on the final chapters of my book.

I am creating the woman that was lost. The woman that lost her groove, her mojo and her self esteem. My time and my energy are precious to me.

Now I have a five year plan and a six month plan. Will we return to Michigan? That is always a possibility. One thing I know for sure is that, letting go of the old and stepping into something new is a wonderful feeling.

Happy Monday


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