The Little Doll House by the Sea

I am a firm believer that people cross your path for a reason. I also believe that you leave an impression on the people that you meet for the first time.

I always pray that my children and I can leave a positive impression on others. This is the case with The Little Doll House by the Sea. When we moved to Delaware our extended family rented a beach house in New Jersey.

For three years we would spend a week at Brigantine and enjoy the ocean. I was a nervous wreck. How would Sydney react to being in a house with so many people? Would she want to run to the ocean all day? How could I keep her on a schedule?

All of my questions were answered and each year our trips were better. We found The Atlantic City Aquarium and shoppes at the Basin. Syd and I both fell in love with The Little Doll House by the Sea. This shop is a girl’s dream. The owner was so pleasant. I was more nervous that Sydney would have a meltdown or destroy the collectibles.

Sydney enjoyed looking at all of the small collectibles, accessories and dolls. We always felt welcomed while shopping. So, for three years we traveled back to The Little Doll House by the Sea. Each visit was memorable.

When we didn’t plan a family trip back to New Jersey. I often wondered about the shop and the staff. I did some investigating and was informed that the store was no longer at the basin. The funny thing is that Sydney would mention going to Jersey just to look at the dolls.

My friend Jennifer did some research and found the shop’s Facebook page. They didn’t go out of business they moved to a new location. I reached out to Robin on Facebook and explained our story. She welcomed us to visit the store and that’s just what we did.

The new location is adorable. Before you enter there’s a beach scene with sand that we all loved. Sydney was so excited to see the store. She went directly to the small figures that she loves. Alice in Wonderland, Hansel and Gretal.

As Sydney walked around the store. I had a chance to talk with the owners. They said that they thought of Sydney often and wondered how she was doing. They were surprised at how much Harrison had grown. And they gave me a compliment for doing a great job raising my children.

The Little Doll House by the Sea is more than a store. It’s foundation is built on love and seeing the smiles of the children when they leave the store.

If you are traveling to Atlantic City. You have to visit The Little Doll House by the Sea located in The Arts Garage 2200 Fairmount Ave. You will fall in love with this hidden treasure.


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