Copher’s Camping Adventures

Harrison and Sydney were excited that we were camping out at Uncle Jake’s house. I was a Girl Scout and we camped in cabins. I don’t have a problem using an outhouse. I’ve done that many times in the South and while camping.

We packed liked we were taking a trip overseas. I wasn’t ready. I admit I didn’t really think it through. I wasn’t sure if Sydney would fall asleep. My plan was to leave Harrison with the family in case I needed to take Sydney home.

We arrived just in time to set up our tents. It was pouring raining but that wasn’t stopping our camping adventure. We set the tents up. Had music playing and a projector for movies. The plan was to pull an all-nighter.

We danced, laughed and told stories. We were reminiscing about our loved ones in heaven and fun times from the past. Syd danced and stayed up until midnight.

I forgot a pop up mattress. So we made a comfy pallet with all of Sydney’s comforters. It was only for a night. I will survive. I forgot a fan! Sweet baby Jesus it was hot. If you know me I sleep with the AC on every night and a ceiling fan. Wrapped in blankets with my feet out of the covers.

Harrison was having fun and settled in the tent. I did have lanterns and portable chargers. Baby frogs began to make their way into the garage. One after one after one. I’m glad Syd was sleeping she would have thought it was a plague from The Ten Commandments.

I started feeling claustrophobic while zipping the tent. I kept telling myself that I have to do this for my kids! We can add this memory to our Summer Bucket List. If I don’t pass out from a panic attack first.

I forgot headphones. The sound of the mama and daddy frogs croaking for their babies scared the dickens out of me. What other animals am I going to hear out here in the country? All I could think of was “The dingo took my baby.” How many margaritas will it take for me to survive a night in the tent?

We finally went to bed at 4:00 am. Sydney woke me up at 6:30 am. We survived our camping experience. Next year I will be prepared. I’m keeping an eye out in the sporting goods section for clearance deals on camping equipment.

I’ll be ready next year, with my walking taco in hand.



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