The Fear Is Killing Me

My fears are real. You may think they are silly. Lately my fears are suffocating me. I am afraid of thunderstorms, dying before Harrison and Sydney and my fear of cats are just a few. If some stray cats were chasing me. I could run a 5K and be skinny as hell.

I have a decision to make and fear is holding me back. This could be a great opportunity to promote my platform. But fear has had me up for the past two nights. I could be a part of something that could be life changing for me. Yet, my self talk can’t drive the fear away.

Am I afraid to fail? Am I fearful of falling in love with this opportunity? Why have I let fear dictate my life? I lived in fear for years. I didn’t share my feelings. I covered them with a fake smile.

We all have fears that we must face. Many of us are blessed to have people who will face those fears with us. There are some of us that need to face our fears alone. And that is scarier than the fear itself.

This fear that has me awake at night has to go. I feel like I have lost control over the things that are in my circle on control. At 46, I am at peace with the fact that I can’t control people’s actions and comments.

I need to increase my faith and decrease my fear.


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