Badass Brooke

I’m glad that I shared my fear blog with all of you. It’s a reminder that we all struggle. I still haven’t made my decision yet. But I’m peace with where my heart is leading me.

My friend Rene told me to read You Are A Badass. I began to think that sounds like something I need to read. My other friend Elisabeth is reading the same book and she said I would love it.

I already know I’m a bad ass. Only a bad ass could be brave enough to uproot her family. Only a bad ass could forgive the unforgettable acts of those closest. Only a bad ass can advocate for autism, ask questions and make others aware of the autism journey. Don’t get me started on being a bad ass single parent.

We all have a little bad ass in us. It’s time to bring the bad ass to the table and get things done. I didn’t hide the fact I was struggling with fear. It was a reminder that I faced demons scarier than my current situation. I’ve been blessed with knowledge, wisdom and discernment.

Being bad ass doesn’t mean I’m evil or mean. It’s means I’m claiming what I lost. I’m living the life that I desire.

I’d rather be a bad ass than a fake. If it doesn’t make me happy. I’m not doing it anymore.

Embrace your inner bad ass. You know you want to.


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