But Did You Step On A LEGO?

Sometimes I need a simple reminder that stepping on a LEGO brings more pain than my current situation.

A paper cut is bad but stepping on a LEGO is torture. Things won’t always go nice and smoothly like I want them. Every decision that needs to be made this week is my responsibility.

I’m facing situations that I need resolved before Monday. How will I make this all work? This is bullshit! Repeating that twenty times doesn’t even make me feel better.

As I think about another hurdle being placed before me. I had to stop and ask myself. Did you step on a LEGO?

I didn’t expect these hurdles this week. Why didn’t I have to deal with them back in June? Life doesn’t always go as we planned. I’ve got to make some kick ass moves quickly.

I realized I wasn’t stepping on one LEGO. I was walking on a river of LEGOS. And the only way to make it to the other side was to stop thinking so much and just keep moving.

Stepping on LEGOS brings pain. But being stagnant will bring more pain than you need.

When you step on LEGOS in your life. Pick them up and build yourself a bridge.

Love ya,


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