P is for ….

I posted this on A Woman’s Work Facebook page last week. My friend Jerry, from high school commented on a different version of the five P’s. And I have been thinking about them ever since.

Purpose, plan, passion, persistence, and prayer have always motivated me to conquer anything placed in my path. Jerry shed light on five P’s that we should all pay attention to and remember daily.

Jerry’s set of P’s are Proper Prior Planning and Preparation Prevent Piss Poor Performance. Say that three times if you can. We always need a plan. Some things you can handle spur of the moment. Being prepared is crucial. I realized I was not prepared last week for the beach. I will do better this week, because I will take the time to think things through.

It is important to prepare for a meeting, work, a party or an interview. If you don’t take time to prep, you will fail. Try cooking without prepping all of the ingredients and you will surely have a hot mess on your hands.

You can try your best to get by and fake it til you make it. But you will be disappointed in your piss poor effort and the outcome. We expect so much of others, yet we give the bare minimum of ourselves on a daily basis.

Which of the P’s will you focus on today? What is your purpose?


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