We need to stop blaming Eve. Or at least I need to stop. Eve really jacked it up for us. All for a bite of an apple. We have all been in situations where temptations had us captivated and mesmerized.

There’s an excitement about having something that is off limits that makes your adrenaline rush. Eve was doing just fine with Adam. But the presence of Satan lured her and definitely clouded her judgement. What temptations are you fighting?

I was tempted to join in on a gossip session. Oh, was I intrigued. I wanted to jump in and add my opinions and two sense. But I refrained and removed myself from the situation. I didn’t personally know the victim of the conversation. But this information was better than a reality show. I’m no saint. I am guilty of gossiping.

Sometimes you need to distance yourself from people that tempt you. I’m not just taking about sexually. People can tempt you to become someone that you are not. We are all fighting temptations. Stand the course and walk way. Don’t fall into temporary satisfaction that will only bring pain afterwards.



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