I Am Serena

I will be the first to admit that I have no problem giving another woman a compliment. If a woman is running marathons, running in mud races, running her own company, or being a badass. I will support them and encourage them. If I see a woman that looks stunning. I will let her know and compliment her.

Say what you want but you can’t take anything away from Serena Williams if you tried. She’s an icon and knows her purpose. I applaud her for everything she has accomplished.

A few weeks ago someone asked me if I was going to pull a Serena? My first response was “marry a white man? Sure why not.” I can tell that is not what she meant.

I was sharing my opinion about a situation that was dear to my heart. I was speaking up and sharing my feelings in a polite way. The people I was talking with were almost shocked that I was speaking my mind. They were questioning why I was standing up and speaking about a topic that was definitely the elephant in the room.

I should have removed myself from the room. But before I could. She asked me if I would be starting a revolt like Kapernick. Now if you know me. You know I love Jesus. It’s because I love Jesus that the spirit of peace comes over me when I really want to curse a bitch out.

I walked away thinking that if adults can’t listen to other people’s opinions. What are they teaching their children? My second graders did a better job at stating their reasons for their opinions this week than that adult.

My voice matters, and with God’s guidance and wisdom. I will continue to speak up for injustice. I’m not looking for a debate. I should be able to share my opinions. Just as freely as this person thought she could, when she attacked my character.

Just Call Me Babbling Brooke

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