Fight The Good Fight

All fights don’t have to be physical. Most fights we have our really mental challenges. When you know that your life depends on it. You fight. When you know that others are depending on you. You fight.

When I was going through my divorce. I remember that I wanted to give up. This shit was hard and it wasn’t fair. It took tears and prayers for me to realize that giving up wasn’t even an option.

My friend Elisabeth always gets nervous when she’s with me and we have to fight a crowd or wait in long lines. No, I don’t cut in the line in front of people. Or push people out of the way. That was the old Brooke.

We were waiting in line for Huddle Up For Autism at Lincoln Field. The Eagles fans were in full support. I knew we didn’t have to wait in line because there was a VIP entrance in front. Sure enough we walked to front of the line. We weren’t gloating. I gave the attendant my name and in we went.

I knew the lines would be long. The Eagles were Super Bowl Champs. I made sure to raise money for Autism. By doing so, I was now a VIP. That’s a win-win. No waiting in long lines and money donated for Autism funding.

I’m not encouraging you to break the rules. I’m encouraging to fight for your spot in the line. Claim your VIP status. Make your presence known. Fight as if your life depended on it.

Be the third monkey on Noah’s Ark. Be a game changer.



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