It’s Your Turn

It’s your turn to have my undivided attention. Yes, I cried when I dropped off Sydney. And yes I felt guilty that she didn’t see Ms. Keisha yesterday. It was good to hear everyone ask about her. We will start saving our money for a trip to Michigan in the summer.

This was our time away. A time for you to cry, talk about girls, and be embarrassed by me taking pictures in Michigan like it was my first time visiting.

It was your turn to play arcade games last night. While I enjoyed time with my girls. It was your time to see you dad’s family. I’m glad that you did.

It was your turn to live a little and ride on the freeway of love with the top down. It’s been five years, since we left Michigan. But celebrating your birthday in Michigan was the best gift we both received.

Yes, we miss Sydney and I know she misses us. Together we have made memories that I pray you will always cherish in your heart. I know that I will.

Today is an exciting day. I pray the rain stays away. We are headed to The Big House. Can’t believe I’m saying this. Go Blue!💙🏈

I love you Harrison Noah!

2 thoughts on “It’s Your Turn

  1. You are a good woman, and a good mama, Brooke. It’s no wonder you have raised such a fine young man. Happy birthday to Harrison. And I consider it my honor that I got to befriend both of you this weekend. Love to you both.

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    1. Hey Janet!! We love you. I felt bad for crashing the party. But then I met you and was like hell yeah!!!! Harrison told my mommy all about Auntie Janet. Thanks for a wonderful time. It’s been quite some time since we’ve had fun like that. Get ready for the blog tomorrow mama.😜


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