Ain’t No Time For Knitting. There’s Only Time for Chicken Wine

It has been a long time since my tailgating days. I had to return home to Michigan to get my tailgate on. Harrison was excited for the football game. I would see a friend from high school that I hadn’t seen in over twenty years. It was going to be an amazing day. The drive to Ann Arbor was great. We didn’t mind the heavy rain. It would pass for sure. We were determined to get our tailgating spot and have some fun. The kickoff was at noon. So three hours of tailgating was perfect.

I love planning parties with a theme. But my girls Jennifer and Janet are the Tailgating Divas. I knew it was going to be serious when Janet set up the Michigan table, with the football field on top. Next, it was the matching plates, cups, and a spread of food. Everything representing their Alma Mater. The fact that I went to Michigan State and was dressed in Maize and Blue is an entirely different blog. Today was all about celebrating Harrison’s 16th Birthday. With a visit to The Big House for his first Michigan football game.

We were having a blast, playing Ladder Ball and enjoying the atmosphere. A few downpours wouldn’t ruin our day. But the strikes of lightning delayed the start of the game. That just gave us more time to tailgate. Jennifer was prepared with U of M rain ponchos. It was all good.

Then the silliness started. We met another friend that day Monica. She had never been to a Michigan game either. Her love for knitting was obvious. So obvious that she called the stadium the day before to see if she was allowed to bring her knitting needles inside the stadium. Now I love her passion for knitting. It mirrors my love for writing. But there ain’t no time for knitting in The Big House. For the rest of the day Monica’s nickname was Knittie! Harrison’s nickname was Egg Yolk and mine was Chicken Wine. Auntie Janet’s nickname was J.Q. and Auntie Jen’s was Rules. Jen, did I get that right?

Imagine six people piling into a Dodge Journey in plastic ponchos, escaping the thunderstorms. We were a sight to see. We knew it because we had two men stalking us in their truck like Criminal Minds characters. We laughed so hard. We were in tears. J.Q. would make a food run for us in the midst of the rain. And of course bring me another cup of Chicken Wine. Chicken Wine was really Rose. But when you are tailgating and the bottle has a chicken on it. You call it Chicken Wine.


Harrison had his first tailgate experience and it couldn’t have been better. It was great being a part of a huge party. I am blessed to know some amazing people that let us join in on the fun. But what would happen next when we entered the stadium. I still can’t put into words. Stay tuned for that blog post. Remember if you are headed to The Big House for a game. Leave the knitting needles at home.  Bring plenty of Chicken Wine.



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