Welcome to The Big House

The look on his face as he stepped inside the stadium was priceless. Harrison celebrated his 16th Birthday with over 109,000 Michigan fans. This was a special moment because I love football. And I had the opportunity to experience his first college game with him.

He noticed everything. The cheerleaders, the college girls in halter tops, the Veteran sitting near us and all of the true Michigan fans. When he stood at the top of our section. He stared at the football field and took a deep breath. He turned to me and said, “Thank you so much Mom.” My heart melted.

Eight months of planning, saving and sacrificing was all worth it. Harrison finally made it to The Big House. Our seats were perfect. Harrison of course made friends with the people around us. He danced, cheered and ate well.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Harrison this happy. This was definitely a check off of his bucket list. For me it was an experience that I will never forget. The energy in that stadium was electrifying. Most importantly Harrison and I made memories that will last forever.

He asked me how I felt about him moving back to Michigan. I told him that I would support him 100% with his decision. His Auntie Jen took him on a quick tour of the campus. He can’t stop talking about the university. For so long Ann Arbor was our home away from home. Not the campus, but Mott Children’s Hospital, where we spent many nights with Sydney.

We both missed Sydney on this trip. Harrison asked me why we didn’t bring her. I told him that this was HIS trip. Syd would join us next time.

Harrison and I laughed, cried and prayed together on this trip. It was a retreat. That was well overdue.

My takeaway from this weekend trip was this. Material things are nice. But I would rather save money and make memories on a vacation. Than have a room full of stuff that I bought my children.

This trip wouldn’t have been possible without my family watching Syd, friends praying and sending good vibes our way, and for awesome friends that welcomed us in on their tailgating experience. Finally, to my friends from Foley and their generosity and help to get the tickets. We are forever blessed and thankful.

Go out and make some memories with the people that you love! I’m glad that I did.


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