Last Place Goes to Brooke

I came in last place last weekend. I couldn’t have been more excited. You see I’ve been coming in last place a lot lately. Instead of bitching and complaining. I’m thankful I finished the race.

I had a physical race to finish when I was in Michigan. It wasn’t pretty to witness. But I finished with the help of my encouraging friend, Jennifer from high school. What probably seemed like an easy race for her. Was really a marathon for me.

In order for me to finish. I had to move at my own pace. I definitely couldn’t focus on the people that were all passing me by. The finish line for me was nowhere in sight. I had to trust that I was going in the right direction and would eventually reach it. It was the hardest example of walk by faith and not by sight that I’ve experienced in a long time.

In the winners circle, last place made me feel like a champion. I didn’t die from the challenge I placed on my body. I didn’t give up like I would have in the past. I was thrilled being the last one to cross the finish line. For me, that was my shining moment.

Your happiness is definitely a state of mind.



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