Glitter Anyone?

When you hear, “Just use a little glitter.” You really hear, “Sprinkle that shit everywhere.”

Trying to clean up glitter is worse than a Halloween nightmare. The glitter sticks to your face, hands and clothes for what seems like days.

Over the years, my life has been sprinkled with glitter. It looked beautiful, and shiny. I definitely caught everyone’s attention. Then the glitter became annoying and I couldn’t get rid of it.

The glitter in my life was camouflaged between stress, drama, negativity, envy and anger. The more I cleaned up the glitter. The more glitter I found. I moved to a new location and I still saw a speck of glitter on my face, days and even months later.

I would add more glitter to get noticed and stand out. When I should have been in my prayer closet trying to get my mind right. Glitter is a beautiful thing or is it?

~Brooke ❤️

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