I Thought We Were Friends

I love my friends. I get on their nerves and they tell me when that happens. My friends keep me grounded and humbled. Lately, my friends have made me laugh when I felt like crying. I’m not sure I will ever be able to repay my friends for the support they have given me.

On my trip home to Michigan I had a chance to talk with a friend that was very upset with me. I knew that I did something but I wasn’t quite sure what it was that made her so upset.

After a few rounds of phone tag and vague, passive aggressive text messages, I realized that this needed to stop. When I asked her to meet me she thought of every excuse on why it wouldn’t work. I finally decided I was going to her house and knocking on the door.

I did call her when I pulled into her driveway just in case she wanted to make a run for it. I was glad to see her but I didn’t exactly feel welcomed. I asked her to tell me what went wrong. I apologized to her but I wasn’t sure what I actually did wrong.

She told me I changed and we weren’t friends anymore. Next, she told me I just left. I left Michigan, left her and everything that we knew for 20 years. She was mad at me for not staying in Michigan after my divorce. She was mad that I didn’t try to make it on my own before moving to Delaware.

I listened and it was hard. There were so many times that I wanted to interrupt her and add my two sense in the conversation. When she was done I told her that I had grown a lot in five years. I reminded her that I lost everything not by choice and I really didn’t know that me not being in Michigan caused her distress.

I invited her and her family to visit and I wanted to make this friendship whole again. In my spirit, I knew the relationship was over, but I had to try.

I’ve learned that as you go through life, you lose friends along the way. As painful as that was for me, I realized that the past is the past and nothing lasts forever.

Call your friends, love your friends and be there for your friends. Encourage them and support them on their journeys in life.

Sending love to all of my friends!



One thought on “I Thought We Were Friends

  1. Great post, and I am glad that you two were able to meet face to face to discuss this as tomorrow is never promised and God never wants us to feel guilt about anything.

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