The Day From Hell

I know I’m not the only one to have a day from hell. I don’t mean I was just having my hot flashes either. What happens when your day from hell turns into a week, a month or a year?

Part of it was my fault. I gave the people I love too much control over my happiness. Fifty extra pounds later, more gray wisdom in my hair and a list of medical concerns that were staring me in my face, made it all clear.

I wasn’t living my best life, I was surviving. I was getting by each day just to complain and dread the next day. I wasn’t demonstrating my faith as a Christian. I wasn’t leading by example and I didn’t want anyone in my inner circle.

Then I began to notice other people that were living their life just like me. Holding on to hope for change, that never seemed to come. Praying to God, who is awesome but must be helping someone else because He wasn’t answering my prayer requests.

I was trying not to let others know my real pain, and painting a picture that I had everything under control. The reality was my world was falling apart and I was headed for a collision.

I don’t want to just keep it together. I want to live my best life now and take back what I lost.

Have a great day!



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