5 Family Holiday Traditions

I love traditions and I hope my children will continue their own family traditions when they are older. I’m sure I get on their nerves with my holiday traditions but they always get excited during the holiday season.

We always like to give back to the community. I don’t want them to see that as a holiday tradition, that is something they should do year round. I have five family holiday traditions that are dear to our hearts and I want to share them with all of you. Perhaps you and your family share in our holiday traditions as well.

1. Christmas Photo Card- I’m not as psycho as I used to be when it comes to capturing a smile. I enjoy sharing Christmas cards with others and it’s relaxing for me to handwrite the addresses on the envelopes. This year I opted out of the Christmas photo, but our cards will go out in the mail this week and it brings me joy.

2. Matching Christmas Pajamas – Every Christmas Eve I give Harrison and Sydney their Christmas PJ’s. Harrison thinks it’s silly, but this year he asked if we could wear our matching Christmas pjs at our family Christmas party that we are hosting. I knew he loved the idea. I’m all about bargain shopping so I buy the pjs on sale the year before.

3. Christmas Movie Night- I will admit that I saw Elf for the first time last year. Now it is our favorite Christmas movie. As soon as we are on break from school, that’s when we start our Christmas movie marathon. Harrison and Sydney make the snacks and we camp out in the family room watching movies until we fall asleep.

4. Jesus Cake- We know the reason for the season. Harrison and Sydney each get four gifts and believe in the magic of Christmas and know their gifts are hidden in my closet. On Christmas Eve we make a cake for Jesus and read about His birth. This year Sydney wants to make Jesus cupcakes, so that will be fun.

5. Christmas Brunch- The kids enjoy a waffle bar and I enjoy mimosas. My family comes to our home on Christmas Day so the kids can relax at home. We sing, dance, laugh and enjoy being together.

No matter how you celebrate the Christmas holiday do it with people you love and cherish the time together as a family.



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