Autism Is That You?

I’m trying to figure out why she doesn’t like her clothes on hangers. In the center of her room is a pile of clothes that resembles a mountain and it’s driving me crazy. This is not a straight line of clothes placed strategically in her room. This is pile of her things that make her feel safe and secure. I understand or at least I’m trying to understand how her brain works. Why does that same pile of clothes have to follow her around the house?That same pile joins her in the family room when she’s downstairs and I am trying to find the connection.

Being an autism mom means accepting that sometimes you won’t have the answers and most days are draining. I don’t regret sharing our autism journey with the world. Our story is helping to educate others and giving us the opportunity to meet some amazing families on their journey.

This week was Sydney’s fourth IEP meeting and after the meeting I was depressed. In my moment of self talk I knew that I was on the right path advocating for Sydney and I had an aha moment for what my calling is and how I can help other families. I won’t let one bad day cause me to forget the bigger picture and that is helping other families navigate this process that doesn’t come with a manual.



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