Mama’s Don’t Make Christmas Lists

I have fond memories of going through the Sears and the JC Penney catalog when I was younger. I would circle the toys that I wanted, and fold the top of the pages back so I could quickly show mommy and daddy the gifts I wanted. As I got older I would still search the catalogs but I moved up to highlighting and putting sticky notes all over the pages. The convenience of gift cards has made it easy for me to list what I want for Christmas. Who am I kidding? I’m a mama and mama’s don’t make Christmas lists.

When people ask me what I want, believe it or not I’m speechless. Since my divorce I don’t expect gifts from my children on holidays, they are my gift and the fact that they are with me on all holidays is priceless.

If I really had to make a Christmas list it wouldn’t have a purse, boots, or jewelry on it. I have my Christmas priorities in place, I want peace of mind, clarity, wisdom, a glass of wine with friends and new bras. I need new bras. Remember I’m the woman that was excited over a case of toilet paper, paper towel and heavy duty aluminum foil for my birthday from mommy.

I want things like sleep, sleep and more sleep. I want a day to stay in my pajamas and work on my writing. Now if Santa decides to bring me one of those men in the Hallmark Movies, I’ll take him and that will be a Christmas miracle. In the meantime I’ll take new bras, I need new bras. #christmaspriorities



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