I’d Like To Thank My Friends

I love when good things happen to people. I don’t even have to know them personally but I get excited and sometimes overcome with emotion when I hear great news about my friends.

When I saw these meme I laughed because that’s not always the case for some situations. I accomplished a huge goal that I’ve been praying about for three years. Publishing my first book was a dream come true for me. The response of support, love and encouragement that I’ve received from my tribe is the best gift I could receive. I’ve been encouraged to keep writing and blogging and sharing our autism journey with the world.

A few days ago someone told me that they bought my book and I admit I was very surprised. I didn’t think this person liked me at all. They never speak to me so I was wondering why would they want to read me memoir. Before I could ask them the person revealed that they were only reading it to find out “what happened” to me, not because they were excited for my literary journey. It made me laugh and I told her I think she will be disappointed if she was looking for a real housewives tell all book, that’s not what I wrote.

In the end I’m proud of my accomplishments and ready to have my first book signing event in January. If I am able to touch five people then I have done my job.

If you’re looking for a book that will meet you on your current journey in life and fuel you with the power and faith to keeping going, then you will enjoy my book, I Am Enough A Woman’s Work.



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