Oh, What A Year!

2018 was a great year. Harrison, Sydney and I achieved many goals. The goals may seem minor to you but they are huge victories for our family.

Harrison’s 16th Birthday was the best celebrating back home in Michigan and enjoying a game at The Big House. That day was exciting and memorable.

We went to NYC as a family for the day. We didn’t have a plan at all. We enjoyed Central Park Zoo, dinner, Bryant Park and walking around the city. I never thought we could do that as a family. It was an autism friendly time in the NYC.

Sydney found an inclusive hobby! She’s a member of National Treasures Cheerabilities Squad and her first competition is in February. I’m happy that she found an activity that she loves.

Harrison continues to be a great role model for his sister and an amazing human being. He cares for others and that is one quality that I thank God that he has. I pray for him to continue on the path that he is on now.

Then there’s me, I finally realized what I’m supposed to be doing with my life. I had an “aha” moment last month that changed my life. I published my first book, I Am Enough, so head on over to Amazon and get your copy.😉

I have my first book signing event in a few weeks. This was a huge project for me that I was finally courageous enough to share with the world. My autism mom coaching has taken me on quite a few adventures over the past year. I’ve had a chance to speak to families and help them advocate for services for their children.

2018 brought pain and that is a reality of life. In that pain I found a new strength and courage that motivates me to do more of what I love. I have the power to say no and not feel guilty, and I’ve learned to trust again. For the first time I’m not happy to see 2018 go, but I know that 2019 will be even better.

Happy New Year!



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