Don’t Miss The Signs

Eleven years ago I was in the same room with someone that I loved as they talked about taking their life in front of me. That was the most traumatizing event of my life. My words would have the power to save this person or not affect them at all.

The situation ended well but it made me think about how many people are hurting and we don’t know until it is too late. The death of a young news reporter from Michigan really troubled me. She was a wife, mother of two small children and a successful meteorologist. The pain and sadness overshadowed her “perfect” life and she took the only way out that she thought was the answer. Then there was a fourth grader that took her life because she was being bullied with racial slurs at school, she was another precious life lost.

I’m not trying to be Debbie Downer, I just want us all to remember to check on our friends and if they are reaching out for help, acknowledge them not belittle them, or if you notice signs, please take them seriously. We may not have all of the answers but we can help them find the right people to talk to and get them the help they need.

As 2018 ends, I let go of everything and everyone that didn’t bring me joy. I’m focusing on my own happiness and surrounding myself with activities/people that give me purpose in my life. I’m wishing you all the best of 2019.



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