I Was Looking Cute!

This was Saturday I was ready for the weekend. I just knew I was looking cute!!! Fast forward to yesterday I looked like a chipmunk with a swollen face, bags under my eyes from crying and my anxiety at the highest. My last two wisdom teeth needed to come out and I was walking around … More I Was Looking Cute!


I battled infertility, an autism and epilepsy diagnosis for Sydney, a divorce and relocating my family. I’m strong but I’m also human and death is something that hits me hard. We lost our matriarch and for the past three days I have been in a daze. Not able to write, pray or focus. I am … More Grief

Sorry Doc, I Can’t Answer I’m Not Wearing My Wonder Woman Cape Today

Maybe I shouldn’t have kept the appointments for Sydney at the hospital yesterday. I had my journals of data that I collected and I was ready to present my case. I know I don’t talk about her epilepsy much, but it’s a major part of her life as well. I drove through a rainstorm in … More Sorry Doc, I Can’t Answer I’m Not Wearing My Wonder Woman Cape Today

Feeling Homesick

I wasn’t sure why I felt a little sad the other day. Then a song came on my playlist and it reminded me of home, Michigan. The song brought back so many memories and I immediately started calling my friends back home. Just hearing their voices would make it better I was sure of it, … More Feeling Homesick

One Last Cry

I have been crying a lot lately. Some tears are tears of sadness. Some situations in my past, I have no tears left to cry. I cried when Sydney asked people “How was your summer?” I didn’t prompt her. She initiated the interaction. I cried when Harrison spoke about his dad. He said he prays … More One Last Cry

Is This Depression?

I’m wearing a lot of black lately.  But black goes with everything.  Maybe I should add in a splash of color. People probably think I am in mourning.  I love staying at home. Am I depressed or just tired?  Keep in mind I am trying to make up for sleep from 2008. Depression is real.  … More Is This Depression?