When Your Tank Is Empty

Knock on wood I’ve never run out of gas. The real reason is that I’m OCD, so when my car is less than half a tank full, I get gas.

Now has my body been on empty? Well, yes it has. I knew my body was running out of fuel. My fuel was not just food, it was getting enough sleep, it was my prayer life, drinking enough water, letting go of negativity, and finding ways to handle stress .

I lost the pep in my step, my smile turned into a simple nod, and the voices in my head were telling me lies that I started to believe. Despite my situation I found a way to refuel. It wasn’t as easy as pulling up to pump #7, inserting my credit card and filling up my tank.

It required self talk, time alone, thinking outside of the box and believing in myself. I learned to be mentally tough even if my body was in distress. Last week I proved to myself that I had the power to refuel and it felt good. Be sure to check on your own well being and don’t wait for the warning light to come on to remind you to refuel.



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