Our Autism Island

I admit I wished we lived on an autism island. We would be surrounded by autism friendly everything. We would have other autism families that get it, and schools that provide programs, therapy all under one roof. We would have accessible playgrounds, changing tables in public restrooms and a hospital with all of the specialists that we need. Hell, we would even have our own amusement park.

Then I reminded myself that’s the opposite of what I’m advocating for, but we would feel safe and loved among families like ours. Advocating gets tough, it breaks you down and then empowers you to keep going.

Today at cheer the typical girls asked Syd how Christmas was and told her they loved her pink lipstick. She followed a group of girls and did her best to join the conversation.

I called another autism mama when I got home because I knew she would get it. We shared our stories, laughed and encouraged each other. I know my idea of an autism island isn’t appropriate but I was pushed to the edge where I was done explaining things that should be common sense.

I truly believe that some will understand, some will thank God it’s not them and others will judge you without walking a day in your shoes. On the days when I want to go to my autism island I will remember why I advocate and look at the success we have achieved.



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