Would You Pray For…

Look God this has gone on for too long you can send a sign, a miracle or part The Red Sea at anytime. I’m ready. Please forgive me for gossiping yesterday. The devil made me do it. In Jesus name Amen.

This was my prayer earlier today during my lunch break. You don’t have to be perfect at praying. You can talk to God like you are talking to your best friend, because you are. Still uncomfortable, say The Lord’s Prayer and if you can’t remember it, Google it.

I’m saying all of this to say would you take five minutes out of your day today to pray?

For the student that is struggling to keep up.

For the teacher that is doing the best he can but feels like it is not good enough.

For the family that won’t get a paycheck due to the government shutdown.

For the widow that feels lost.

For the mother that lost her child before she even had a chance to meet her.

For the person about to make a decision that will change their life forever.

For the pastor that continues to seek wisdom to guide his church.

For the family that is struggling financially.

For law enforcement and first responders that they return home each day to their families.

For someone struggling with mental illness and feeling that suicide is the only answer.

I think you get the point because I could go on and on with more people we could pray for today.

Would you take five minutes to pray? I did and I didn’t ask God for anything, He already knows the desires of my heart.



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