Help Somebody

I try to help people when I can and I like to offer my help to others if they need me. My friends know that my situation is very unique but I’m glad that they reach out to my when they need help. I don’t keep track and I hope they don’t either of the … More Help Somebody

Giving Thanks

Before we could eat dinner we went around the table to tell what we were thankful for, this wasn’t even Thanksgiving Day, this was every time that we had dinner. In the beginning Harrison was long winded and Sydney would scream and just start eating. I was determined to continue our tradition going and we … More Giving Thanks

Identity Theft

When they see me coming. Do they see me or autism? Do they see Harrison and Sydney’s mom? Do they see a divorced mom? Yes, I think I wear my titles well. But what do they really see when they look at me? What is my true identity? There was a time when I lost … More Identity Theft