Time to Tidy Up

I can’t throw things away. It’s a problem I have and I need an intervention. I need someone to throw things away while I watch them. Maybe I shouldn’t be home when the entire process is taking place.

I didn’t watch all of the episodes with Marie Kondo. I do know that the things in my house bring me joy, unspeakable joy. Well, most of them do anyway. I’m not sure why it’s so hard for me to let things go. I can forgive an unfaithful husband, racist remarks made to my face by someone I thought was a friend, but I can’t throw anyway objects from 2005.

I’m not sure if I find peace and calm in the memories of my past. If I throw these things away will I have to face the future and truly start over?

When I walk into Harrison and Sydney’s rooms I see visions of Michigan. Things that they selected to bring to Delaware when we moved and I can’t bring myself to throw their things away.

Today as I stare at my pile of black leggings and MSU sweatshirt that brings me joy. I realized that joy has different meanings for different people. I’m a work in progress trying to break free from the “stuff” I still carry from the past.



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