It’s Not Worth It

I’m too old for the same old okie doke! I admit I would argue with people until they heard my point of view or maybe I wanted them to agree with me.

Then one day it came down to my blood pressure rising for me to realize that it’s not worth it. Debating is healthy but I realized I would have to talk until Jesus comes back and it’s not worth it.

Yesterday I was trying to problem solve a situation with someone, and we kept going around in circles. Nothing was changing and I thought to myself, you probably believe unicorns are real too, so you aren’t hearing anything that I’m saying.

I admit I was frustrated and thought if all our encounters will be like this I need to find a way to let go and let God figure this out.

I don’t like messy arguments, and disagreements will happen. That doesn’t mean I have to keep arguing and be the last woman standing. I had to learn to be the woman that walks away.



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