I’m Glad This Happened To Me

This week my blog stats were on the rise! I’ve made new follower friends and reconnected with friends from my past. Blogging about my kids missing their father was tough. I’m glad that I shared my blog post.

I had adult males reach out and tell me that being raised by a single mom is the reason that they are successful today. I had people from two parent homes tell me that their home life was so dysfunctional it would make a wonderful movie.

I had women with younger children than mine going through a divorce reach out to me for advice. I’m glad that I shared my journey so that I could hear encouraging words from others and offer my support for others.

I learned that my children are older now and will ask some very heavy questions. I learned I won’t always have the answers for them. I’ll continue to pray for wisdom and God’s guidance to raise my children. God chose me to be their mom and that is my greatest achievement.



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