When Parents Are Going To Lose Their Sh**

They say an idle mind is a devil’s workshop. I panicked the other day because I had time alone and I began to reflect on situations that I’ve experienced and I thought to myself how did I not lose my shit?

I think I must have said in front of Harrison and Sydney one day during a difficult situation, “I’m going to lose my shit!” It was not my finest mommy moment, but I never told you all that I was June Cleaver.

It’s okay to feel like you are going to lose it, and I think acknowledging it helps you to push through the situation. It’s okay to have a mini breakdown, but you just can’t live there.

As parents, raising children today is not the same experience our parents had. They sent us outside, and they didn’t entertain us. We weren’t always on the go and involved in year round activities.

If you are a special needs mom like me our load is ten times heavier. If you’re also a single mom like me, then you are constantly calling on Jesus to take the wheel and you always keep wine in the house💗.

On my tough days I think about what I can do to make my load lighter. I focus on things and people that make me smile instead of anxious.

I acknowledge my feeling and I don’t hide them or feel ashamed that I feel that way. Parents need to take off the mask of being “that parent”. The one that always attends the field trips, volunteers three times a week at their child’s school, is on every committee known to mankind, signs their children up for every camp and activity because that’s what everyone else is doing. Don’t be bullied into taking on a parenting style that isn’t for you. Then you will lose your shit and it won’t be pretty.

As you look ahead this week to your color coded white board and calendar. Be sure to write in bold letters you are enough and find time for yourself.



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