Self-care seems to be the new go to word. I was told I need to take more time for myself and I responded with “Really, that thought hadn’t crossed my mind.”

Self-care for me in the past was hiding under the covers and sleeping. Now my focus has shifted. It wasn’t that my life was terrible and I wanted to runaway from home. Well, maybe just a little bit of that statement is true.

Now I realize my daily demands aren’t going away so I need to man up and figure out how not to lose my shit! That’s actually the title of a blog I’m working on next.

So, I write, pray and can you believe it I even take walks. I carve out time each day for me. I’m not going on long vacations yet! But, I’m taking baby steps to take care of myself so that I’ll be around for my kids.

Are you living a life that you need to escape from often? Then I think it’s time you take a moment to self reflect and make some changes.



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