Why I Love Nurses

Nurses held my hands on many hospital visits with Sydney. Nurses taught me how to administer her rescue meds for seizures. Nurses comforted me when Harrison was born weighing two pounds and fourteen ounces. Nurses helped my son in the NICU for two months.

Nurses helped me when I battled infertility, surgery after surgery. Nurses have heard me cry, curse and pray sometimes all in the same breath.

I thank God for the nurses in schools. Our school nurse, Kathy has been a blessing to me on many days at work when I’ve had some health scares.

I thank God for Sydney’s nurses over the years in school. They were all so proactive and helpful, attended her IEP meetings and went above and beyond when Syd went out in the community on field trips.

Nurses are valuable, smart, caring and do a job that I know I could not do. They often get forgotten and may not get the accolades they deserve. But there are thousands of families that have talked about you with their families about how you were valuable and helpful in a time of crisis.

I celebrate nurses this week and every week. May God continue to bless and strengthen you on the road that you’ve been called to travel.

Now I have to email Syd’s nurse at school to tell her I’ll drop off her medicine before work. 😉



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