Thanks Meghan

If you know me I have a slight obsession with The Royal Family. I love seeing the children, the weddings all of it. Today, I have a new respect for The Duchess.

I admire her for keeping it real! Many people were upset that she wasn’t going to come outside to show off their baby hours after the umbilical cord was cut. Well, hell I don’t blame her.

When you give birth your body, mind and soul go through a transformation. I can’t begin to put it into words. My children were both c-sections, so I can’t imagine how I would have felt after a natural delivery.

I admire that she knew her body enough to do things on her terms. When you give birth you don’t want to see anyone and it’s not because you still look pregnant either. Which brings me to my next point.

I love that she showed off her post pregnancy bump, full face, and frizzy edges. I love seeing Prince Harry carry their son too.

I think as women we can be so hard on ourselves and our bodies. We are badass and we endure a lot! We shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that our body needs time to heal and changes don’t happen over night. #belikemeghan



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