Damaged People

I have to admit I’m glad that I was damaged in the past. In some ways maybe parts of me are still damaged.

When you’ve been damaged and hit rock bottom you have a humbling experience that will change your mindset and path in life. Every day bullshit doesn’t affect you the same way that it did before.

You laugh at the little things and keep the past behind you. Realizing that you are damaged is entirely different. It’s hard to accept at first and hard to process and move forward. Once you’ve regained the courage and strength, you are now considered a force to be reckoned with in life.

You are a survivor, a victor and a testimony for others. Don’t hide your damage, the scars and pain. Wear your battle wounds proudly, because if you survived what was meant to take you under, you have a warrior heart and spirit. Never underestimate a damaged person.



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