Mother’s Day is a reminder that I’m the mama and the daddy. It’s a reminder that I prayed four years to get pregnant and God was making sure that I was really ready for motherhood. My motherhood journey took twists, turns, bumps, hills and valleys, but eventually I saw a light at the end of the tunnel. My vision became clear on what God was truly calling me to do.

I was a mother before I gave birth to my own children. I was a mother to my students, little cousins and other friends who needed someone in their corner.

I’m not going to tell you how amazing it is being a mom or how wonderful my mommy is. If you know me you know all of that already.

I want to lift up and pray for the new moms who don’t have a clue how their lives will change. I want to pray for the moms that are thinking of their children in heaven and the moms that are praying for the day to become a mother. I pray for those with moms in heaven and how they are missed so much here on Earth.

Mother’s Day may mean brunch, spa treatments or family gatherings. For some it will mean a day of pain, sorrow and adjusting to the new norm. When I was recently divorced I hated Mother’s Day. God had to break me down to reality and remind me how blessed I was to have two children that call me mom and a mommy still on Earth.

Be kind on Mother’s Day, you never know what the day really means to others.



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