The Diagnosis

When I heard the word Autism, Dr. Chugani wasn’t telling me anything that I didn’t already know. When he hugged me and sent me on my way that’s really when I heard the word Autism.

I didn’t mind the label because now Sydney would actually get the help she needed. I had no idea what we were facing as a family, how we would survive financially and emotionally. I knew I couldn’t give up on our situation.

My ability to advocate for Sydney wouldn’t come until years later. Things haven’t been easy and if you’ve never walked in my shoes you might not understand.

Everyone told me it would get easier when Sydney was older. I feel like Jerry Springer because that was a lie! The challenges that I face with Sydney now are different.

This past school year Sydney proved a lot to herself and others. Hopefully others will give Sydney a chance to be included and think outside of the box when educating her.

I’ve said it before I don’t share my story for pity. I share because there are parents hearing the autism diagnosis for the first time and they don’t know how they will survive. I used to be that parent.



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