Jesus Is Better Than Bagels

IEP etiquette is to bring bagels, muffins or snacks to the IEP team. This is like a peace offering showing you are all on the same side. Food at an IEP meeting reminds me of The Last Supper. Food is the last thing on my mind.

I wish I could have asked Sydney’s IEP team out for Happy Hour because I know they were glad that was our final IEP of the year.

I found out yesterday that Jesus is better than bagels at an IEP meeting. I’ve never been so matter of fact at an IEP meeting before yesterday.

I admit I’ve taken holy water, my rosary, St. Michael coin and even my Bible in my bag into meetings before. I would even recite my “go to” scriptures in my head when I felt like crying.

Yesterday Jesus was in my heart, not that He wasn’t before. I realized that showing the highlight video of Syd might be my new way to begin all of her IEP meetings.

This can also be a great tool to share with Syd’s general education teachers that might not have experience teaching children with autism. This video served as a testimony of Sydney’s journey living with autism.

There were times that I wanted to speak but I couldn’t. It was like God was saying to me I’ll handle this, just be still. I wasn’t intimidated or didn’t have the knowledge to speak. I had an epiphany that yes we are a team and everyone around the table has invested in Sydney but God has the final say.

No matter how many bagels or muffins I brought to that meeting that would not change the outcome.

It’s because of God we are surviving this journey and it’s because of God that I have the courage to share our struggle and success. The bottom line is Jesus is better than bagels!



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