When The Dust Settles

I love Game of Thrones for many reasons, Jon Snow being reason number one. I remember watching GOT when we lived in Michigan, when we were in our autism storm.

It was when Syd didn’t sleep and I would sit outside her room making sure she didn’t roam around the house or get out of the house. There I was sitting on the floor, with my iPad and headphones watching episode after episode. I could see into Harrison’s room and also keep an eye on Sydney. Many nights I would fall asleep on the floor in our hallway, while GOT played.

It wasn’t until the final season that I made connections with the story, let me explain. Have you ever gone through an experience that crushed you, changed you, and broke you down to the lowest point in your life? Have you ever gone through hell, the flames the torture and the pain? Has everything around you ever crumbled down on top of you? Have you ever had to fight and crawl your way back to the top? Have you ever been so low that looking up seemed unbearable? If you answered no to any of those questions I am happy for you, but also my heart aches for you, because I pray you can handle it when you’re faced with turmoil.

After the dust settles and you’re covered with ashes, you must find a way to dust yourself off, assess the situation and get the hell out of there! It’s in that moment that you realize that the worse is behind you and if you survived that battle you can survive anything.

When we are in the storm we question everything and complain. When we really need to quiet ourselves and discover the meaning of our current situation.

No matter what you’ve been through you can always walk away from it wiser, wearing an armor of strength and beauty.



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