Music Saved His Life

When I heard Kodi’s mom say that music saved his life I began to cry. I thought to myself what will save Sydney’s life? Will it be cheerleading, track, her love of flowers or drama?

By now we have all seen or heard about the talented Kodi Lee, a 22 year old man living with autism, who is also blind.

When I saw the video of him there were many things that I noticed. Immediately, I could see the bond between him and his mother. Next, I noticed the wait time that he needed before answering questions and the tone of his voice. Finally, I saw the pride in his mother’s eyes and the joy she felt standing on that stage.

Music didn’t just save Kodi’s life. His performance saved autism families all over the world. It gave them the hope that all things are possible for people living with autism.

The world saw a different face of autism with Kodi and they embraced it. I’ve watched that video at least fifty times now and I have cried every time just like I hadn’t seen it before.

There are many times that we as autism parents feel hopeless and defeated. Then when our children are given a chance to be included, they can showcase their talents and share with others, to show that autism is not less.

Kodi’s excitement was a blessing to all of us and a reminder to always reach for the stars and that one person can make a difference.

Individuals with autism have hobbies and interests and it doesn’t matter if your child is nonverbal, has a speech delay or can hold a conversation. Set the bar high and uncover the gifts that your child can share with the world.

1 in 59 children are diagnosed with autism and parents need to know that their child can and will be successful. Each story will be different but each story is beautiful and needs to be shared with the world.



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