When The Storm Is Over

Everyone knows that I hate storms. The sounds of thunder and lightning especially at night make me anxious. One day I decided to embrace the storms of my life. I considered myself a storm chaser. I decided not to bunker down in my bed, instead I opened the blinds to see the storms that were giving me a panic attack. I was facing my storms instead of running away from them.

I thought about the storms in my life. The situations that frighten me and paralyzed me for too long. The storm outside will stop eventually but my storms were raging and there was no end in sight.

When the storm is over there’s always a rainbow and if things are really working in your favor you may notice a double rainbow. Maybe you are riding out a storm that seems to last forever like you are a passenger on Noah’s Ark.

The good news is that your troubles won’t last always and this too shall pass. Be encouraged. Leave your umbrella and rain boots at home and dance in the storm until you get your breakthrough.


~Brooke 🌈

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