A Dream Starts As A Wish

We do it every year, we make a wish when we blow out the candles on our birthday cake. As a child we may have wished for a dog, or a pony. As adults we might wish to win the lottery.

You might have a wish that you are holding in your heart. You might be walking around with the next “pool noodle” idea. Don’t let fear and doubt block you from your blessings and your breakthrough.

We need to be more like the little kid we were on our 5th birthday, blowing out the candles on our cake. We had faith and believed our wish would happen. When we think about our dreams we should remain hopeful, faithful and most of all patient.

People are going to criticize your dream and cause you to doubt your idea. That is a test to see how badly you really want to make your dream a reality. Will you allow their comments to derail your path?

Your dreams are not impossible. It all starts with a tiny wish. Take steps today to help make your dreams come true.



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