Hold Up, I Need My Wig

This is a hard blog to write because it’s about a topic that is controversial. It’s about black hair. My coworkers and friends will ask me questions about my hair and I have no problem answering their questions. The problem is that I have been taught to think that only straight hair is acceptable for the workplace.

It’s no secret I will wear a wig one day, a clip on ponytail the next and then two twists. My students were probably traumatized with my ever changing styles. 🤷🏽‍♀️

I realized two weeks ago that I needed to start over. I wasn’t just cutting my hair I was cutting off things that held me hostage. Last year stress was the cause of my hair to thin out and fall out! I don’t mind the gray that I have in my hair at all. I’ll embrace the wisdom that comes with the gray.

Relaxed hair, straight hair is acceptable it makes everyone comfortable. When I wore my hair in braids and found myself advocating for Syd or sharing my views I was viewed as hostile. Was it the braids? Or the fact that I was sharing my opinions? Was I overreacting?

My hair is also a big discussion when dating. I need a satin pillowcase and my satin bonnet. That comes with the package. Is that your hair? Yes, it is I bought it, but don’t be surprised when I take it off and wear my natural hair or wrap my hair and put on my satin scarf.

Two weeks ago I made the decision to do the big chop and wear my natural hair. You wouldn’t know it because whenever it was time to go somewhere I was searching for my wig. My wig was comfortable and safe.

I’m finding that my natural hair takes more work and most days I say “Hold up, bring me my wig.” When I was in Detroit I had to have my girls check out my natural hair. Everyone loved it and was mad that I was hiding under my wig. When it 100 degrees and I felt a hot flash coming on, I took off my wig. It was an amazing feeling.

The day before I left Detroit I spent time on the lake at my friend Jen’s house. It was during my reflection time on the lake that something clicked. I was such a hypocrite blogging about walk your runway, know your worth and I was more concerned about offending someone with my natural hair.

I know many women have had this discussion with me and they work in the corporate world. They are torn on how to wear their hair to work. They have been told not to wear their dreads, braids or kinky curls at work.

I thought about the example I was setting for Sydney and I was upset with myself. I want her to embrace her natural hair and wear it straight if she chooses.

Now I’m experimenting with the perfect products for my natural hair, trying to figure out how to style it, and wearing some cute earrings! Stay tuned for the big reveal!

~Happily Natural After



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