I Thought I Had Closure

When I hit 696 east I knew I was home. I was driving on the freeway headed to Southfield, Michigan. It would be just like old times when we lived there. I thought I had closure so I wasn’t expecting my reaction to be so emotional while in Michigan.

I had a chance to see everyone that was in my wedding party and I laughed at the time, but I was reminded of the day of love when I got married.

Being with my girls made me feel like I never left Michigan. Maybe because I had my car and both kids with me but for a moment I thought we were living back in Michigan.

I thought I had closure, but I cried passing my old street and I couldn’t make myself ride by our old house. Harrison said he checked it out on google maps and it looks good.

I wasn’t missing my ex, I was missing my friends and family, my church, being downtown, buying wine in the grocery story and some of our favorite restaurants. I thought I had closure, but I didn’t.

I realized that I may never have closure when I think of Michigan and maybe that’s not a bad thing.

I was so focused on forgetting the pains and suffering from Michigan, that I thought I had to forget everything about Michigan. That truly wasn’t the case.

Today I hold on to the memories that we made last week and to the memories from our past. I’m finally at peace with not having closure and for me that’s a huge step.



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