My Prayer Closet

I’ve always have had a prayer room or a war room as some call it. It wasn’t always a room it could have been a corner in a room. It was my space and my time to talk to God.

Recently my friends Bret and Dana made a prayer board for me. A place where I can hang my prayer requests or scripture for the day. It was time for me to recreate my prayer room.

If you don’t have a room take part of a room. My prayer room was in my laundry room and that wasn’t a good idea. My mind would drift and I couldn’t focus because I thought about all of the laundry I needed to do.

Recently I moved my prayer room to my living room, which also became my office. I know it’s right out in the open but I’m often praying when the kids are asleep or after they leave for school in the morning. Sometimes they will join me in the prayer closet too.

In my prayer closet I have my favorite Bible, a journal, comfy beanbag, diffuser and some of my motivational quotes. It’s my time to pray, meditate, cry, journal and find peace. We all need a prayer closet, space or nook. We all need to pray. It’s doesn’t have to be fancy. Sometimes I’ll bring my vision board with me to remind me of my goals and help me navigate the steps I need to achieve the desires of my heart.

Your prayer closet should be comfortable for you so add things that will make you feel calm and relaxed. Not only can you pray for yourself but pray for others. If you don’t know what to pray for, listen to worship music and your heart will direct you.

1. Start with an inspirational song. You can play your favorite song or sing like I do. 😉

2. Recite your favorite scripture and meditate on it.

3. Write down your prayer requests and add them to your wall or board.

4. Pray like your life depends on it. Just talk to God, say The Lord’s Prayer. It shouldn’t feel awkward to you! Don’t make it more difficult.

5. Journal or use time for self reflection. Take time for a praise report for answered prayers.

6. Finish with a prayer and go on with your day knowing that victory is yours.



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