My affirmation post-it collection was on the mirror in my bathroom. It was my morning meeting time with myself, it helped prepare me for the day ahead.

Last year I threw away all of the post-it notes and started over. This time I moved them to the office space downstairs where I work. It’s definitely a conversation starter when people come to visit.

Mommy was complaining that I had “Bitch better have my money, Pray and I love my ass, all out in the open for people to see. We don’t have many visitors so it never really crossed my mind. 😉

The post-it notes are my reminders to love myself and everything about me. The post-it notes inspire me when I’m at my desk working on a project. I find myself taking a glance at the wall of post-it notes before leaving the house and it reminds me to kick ass today.

I’m replacing my post-it notes with my new prayer board my friends Dana and Bret made for me. That’s my next project I’m working on, my prayer closet, and I’ll blog about it soon.

If you were given five post-it notes what would you write down on them? What reminders do you need daily? Feed your soul with positivity and a little humor.



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