Going To NYC With Five Loaves And A Few Fish

When I woke up in the middle of the night. I thought I had been kidnapped. I’m used to Sydney singing and waking me up and even though I was without my children. I still woke up at 4:30 am. Sydney really has me on a good schedule. 😊

I’m in New York for two days, two days before school starts on Monday. This is so out of my comfort zone. The weekend before I return to school. I’m usually on the couch, anxious, sad and even a little depressed that my summer vacation is coming to an end. I decided to stop and smell the flowers and take things in. Astoria was a nice place to do that.

Mommy guilt kicked in pretty quick. I’m leaving my kids. I should be working on something for the new school year and did I budget accordingly. This trip would be a time for me to scout out some places to take the kids when we visit New York next time.

I didn’t overpack, when I tell you I brought the bare necessities that’s just what I did. The weather is perfect, so far no hot flashes.

I didn’t need to shop and spend a lot of money on this trip because life goes on after a vacation and I need to focus on Sydney’s birthday Tuesday and school supplies for the kids.

I used my royalty check from my previous book sales to invest in my self care! Don’t spread any rumors the royalty check wasn’t four figures or higher. 😊I approached this trip like the disciples with five loaves of bread and two fish! Jesus I need you to multiply my finances. Make these dollars stretch in Jesus Name!!!

I learned to have a great time on Day 1 and stay within my budget. As a single mom I live by a strict budget and it’s natural for me to question myself, especially when I spend money on me!

I think I’m too old for peer pressure, so I think when I see others blow through money in thirty minutes which could be my grocery bill for the month. I’m not envious. I’m blessed that I am hopefully teaching my children to live within their means and not be embarrassed by it.

It makes me want to work harder for my family and make sure they always have the essentials.

Day Two I’m headed into the city to find a quiet space in the park to write and enjoy the fresh air.



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