Paging Nurse Sydney

I told God I can’t die before my kids and then I had the nerve to tell Him I couldn’t die and have them find my body. Morbid thoughts I know but that’s what crosses my mind from time to time.

The other night I woke up at 1:00 am, not feeling well at all. Something wasn’t right. I prayed, drank water and waited.

As I made my way to the bathroom I caught a glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror. I looked like one of my students just before they tell me, “Ms. Copher I feel…” and then they projectile vomit everywhere.

I’ll spare you the details but I was sick! I called for Harrison. I’m not even sure why I did. He called back and said, “Jesus take the wheel for mom.” Then he fell back asleep.

Then I called for the custodian because I thought I was at school and I was delirious. Then I realized I was the custodian, the mom, the dad, the teacher, the nurse, the therapist and the list goes on.

I just wanted to cry and then in came Nurse Sydney. When she saw me she said, “We’re all gonna die!” Which made me think she saw dead people and I was on my way to see Jesus!

She looked at me and said, “You stink!” I told Syd I needed cleaning supplies and she took off downstairs. Sydney came back with garbage bags and as many cleaning supplies that she could carry.

Nurse Sydney was like your best friend in college. The one who holds your hair as you are puking your guts away. Not like I know a lot about that! Nurse Sydney rubbed my back and sang I’m Walking On Sunshine.”

I was able to shower and clean up the bathroom with help from my girl. Immediately, I thought this is payback for all of those sleepless nights with her.

The best part was when she grabbed her favorite candy and sat on my bed and told me she needed a late snack.

I think if I needed more help Sydney would have gotten Harrison and maybe even called 911 if I told her to do so.

I realized Harrison will probably put me in a nursing home, whereas Sydney will bring me my walker.

Sydney wouldn’t leave my side and got in bed with me and at that point I didn’t care if she got sick too!

I always wondered how Sydney would react in certain situations and she proved yesterday that she has common sense and acted appropriately. I’m not mad at Harrison, but when he asked for my charger, I told him to call on Jesus. He’s a miracle worker!

Being a single mom means you don’t have time to get sick and you definitely don’t take a day off for yourself unless a limb is broken. I made it to work the next day and I think I lost an inch! Won’t He do it!!!

Stay healthy friends!!! The cold weather brings the cooties.



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